Tiendschuur 5, 5768 SB, Meijel, Nederland

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a provider for appropriate and suitable mobility solutions for those who are in need of this. Primary topic in this is our care for our fellow man, his or her well-being and quality of life.

We want to offer this mobility through an enterprise in which our employees can work in a healthy and safe environment and develop themselves in the most appropriate way.

We strive as a company to integrate our care for a sustainable society into our way of working and undertakings as we are convinced that this in the long term will create opportunities.


Besides our standard product portfolio we can provide any individual or custom specific adaptation both in “one-off” or in small series.

Within our company we have an extensive creativity and problem-solving ability that we like to use for your specific situation. Once we have this solution set up for you we can arrange manufacturing and assembly within our flexible supply chain.

Technical support, on-site or remote, is a key issue for us as we know from experience that quick and final solving of any occurring problem is essential for you. It is always our top priority to ensure that the customer can use the wheelchair when needed.

Maintenance, complex repairs or other adaptations related to our wheelchairs in any way you need we can do in our workshop. Please feel free to ask for the possibilities that we can offer you.