Tiendschuur 5, 5768 SB, Meijel, Nederland


Scout Mobility B.V. is a new and flexible manufacturer of, in the Netherlands developed, powered wheelchairs and custom made adaptations for these wheelchairs.

Our company is based upon many years of experience working for renowned manufacturers in the mobility business.

This know-how and experience is used by us to provide our customers the best possible solution and service for their situation.

Our strength

We are a young and flexible company that, in cooperation with the customer, wants to create the best possible solution for a mobility issue. Listening to the customer is in our opinion the key word to achieve this.

We are very proud that we are a Dutch company and we will always strive for Dutch Design quality. We want our users to be able to depend on the products for many years.


About us


Jeroen Jacobs

Enthusiastic and keen operational manager with broad experience in the field of Supply Chain, Logistics and Automation over the last fourteen years specifically for the wheelchair business.

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Geert-Jan Linsen

Creative and passionate design engineer with an eye for functional details and styling, but always with respect to serviceability, daily use and innovative opportunities. Extensive experience with “hands-on” technical support and training.

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